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Try something a little different in 2018…

As the sun went down on 2017, we were all thinking the same thing – “How on earth is it January again, already?”

There’s no changing the high expectations and ever-increasing workload that a new year brings, but there is one thing you can change in 2018 with next to no effort whatsoever…the way you find new talent for your business.

Vargo is a Specialist Talent Consultancy firm in Cardiff. The way we differentiate ourselves is not just by helping you find better candidates faster, but also by helping you to build your own employer brand, and become an employer of choice for talented individuals in your market.

I’ve taken the role of Associate Director, which follows my last position as an Internal Head of Recruitment for one of Wales’ largest, most iconic businesses. During that time it became very clear to me that there was a distinct lack of Honest, Reliable and Effective Recruiters across Wales and the South West. I became increasingly frustrated by poor, misleading communication and a lack of quality candidates from our agency partners, which ultimately made those times when we were unable to recruit directly even longer and even more disruptive.

That’s where Vargo come in.

Our team has over 30 years of combined expertise spanning across Finance and Technology (as the two become increasingly more aligned), and having worked on both sides of the fence, we understand what it takes to find like-minded people that will stay and grow with your business, as well as the value that an efficient, hassle-free hiring process can bring. We work with you every step of the way, providing invaluable advice at each stage of the hiring process:

  • How and where to engage your target candidates
  • How to stay competitive in your market
  • How to craft attractive role profiles
  • How to screen efficiently
  • Effective interview techniques
  • How to accurately assess candidates’ technical capability and cultural suitability

We can also help you to ensure a thorough on-boarding and induction process, so your new recruit feels at home right away. By getting all this right the first time round, you’ll hire the right people, and the right people stay.

For a no strings chat on how you can transform your recruitment process, get in touch today at, 07901913560 or drop me a message on LinkedIn.