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How To Polish Up Your Job Description

Recruiters face a lot of challenges when working to attract the best job candidates to each new role they are trying to fill. Many recruiters will put their faith in the latest new HR Technology product, such as their Applicant Tracking Systems, to sift out the best fit for the…Read the full article

How To Turn Around Your Recruiting Failure

How To Turn Around Your Recruiting Failure They say that you learn from your mistakes, and nowhere does this apply more than in the world of recruitment. While we all strive to be as thorough as possible when narrowing down job candidates so that only the very best make it…Read the full article

How To Spot a Great CV

How To Spot a Great CV In your role as a recruiter, it is your job to spot a good CV amongst a sea of bland and mediocre applications. A good CV is one that can make itself stand out from the crowd and will compel you to single it…Read the full article

Try something a little different in 2018…

As the sun went down on 2017, we were all thinking the same thing – “How on earth is it January again, already?” There’s no changing the high expectations and ever-increasing workload that a new year brings, but there is one thing you can change in 2018 with next to…Read the full article

Finding the Best Graduate Talent for your Company

Major UK employers are keen to take on recent university graduates as fresh talent for their business needs. However, many companies still have to weigh up the advantages of hiring a recent graduate over an experienced candidate. Once upon a time, it was experience that won over fresh new ambition,…Read the full article

Do you hire to fit the job or the Company Culture?

Do you hire to fit the job or the Company Culture?

Finding a ‘cultural fit’ to fill a job vacancy can be a tricky task. It is like tracking down that one person that is perfectly suited to the role and has that little extra something. No-one can quite define what that ‘something’ actually is, but everyone can feel it should…Read the full article