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How To Negotiate a Move to Another Team Within your Company

There are many reasons why you would want to change your job, but at the same time may not actually want to leave the company that you work for. It could be that the role you are currently working in offers little opportunities for career advancement, or it could simply be that you have mastered everything you can, and you are feeling a little bored or frustrated with your work.

If you have done your research and discovered that there are far more career opportunities within another department or team at your current place of work, then you may want to think about putting in for a transfer.

The benefits of asking for a transfer

Pushing your boss for a transfer to a different department can provide you with new challenges to tackle that will help to keep your mind engaged, while still being able to work in very familiar surroundings and completely understanding the company culture, ethos, drives and motivations.

You can enjoy gaining new experience and skills, and your company will be happy to have employees that possess a broad knowledge of different departments that help to make the company work. Quite often, employees that push for an internal transfer will be marked out for future promotion, as and when new opportunities arise.

Gaining valuable insight into different sectors of the company will give you a good grounding and a deeper understanding of what makes the company tick as you progress up the career ladder.

The company management team could be really receptive to your transfer request. They will understand that career development is a huge part of what helps good employers hold on to their most experienced and knowledgeable staff members.

The possible downside of moving departments

Asking to be moved to a different department can actually be seen as a sideways move. This means that you may not actually gain a higher salary as this wouldn’t be classed as a promotion. If your company structure has a pay bracket or level for each layer of roles, then you may simply be moving to a different job within the same pay band.

Another downside to asking for a transfer could be that your boss doesn’t want to lose you. Your request may be met with great resistance by your immediate line manager, so you will have to put in some extra effort here to help persuade your boss to be on your side.

From your immediate managers point of view, losing you to another department will mean a lot of their time and energy going into training up a new member of staff to replace you. They may not like the thought of your move affecting their departments productivity and performance levels, especially if your boss gets a bonus for meeting certain workplace or departmental targets.

Negotiating with your boss

The best course of action to take here is to schedule a proper meeting with your boss that allows plenty of time for you to reason with them. Your boss may be pretty upset about your request so may act angry, hurt or confused during your meeting. You will need to allow plenty of time for them to get all of their feelings out so you can then calmly address them.

Choose a good time of day when your boss hasn’t got a million other things on their mind and can focus on what you have to say. This may involve avoiding choosing an early slot on a Monday morning, or a late slot on a Friday afternoon.

Remain calm while you explain your reasons for wanting a move. Make it perfectly clear that your desire for a transfer to a different department isn’t personal. Talk about how you are feeling frustrated and unfulfilled in your role. Explain that if you cannot organise a successful move within the company, then you may be forced to look elsewhere for a job that is more satisfying.

Flatter your boss

Everyone likes to be paid a compliment, so make sure that you thank your boss for all of their time, training and knowledge sharing. Tell them that you appreciate all they have done for you while under their management and how you will want to take their knowledge forward to use in a new role.

Offer your assistance

Your boss will have quite a task on their hands to find a replacement, so offer your help with the selection and training of a new staff member to smooth out the process. By offering to make your bosses life as easy as possible during the changeover, then they will be more willing to accept your offer of help and be happy to back your transfer request.

Making a move to a different team doesn’t mean that you need to make a clean break with your current boss. It may be that you can help each other out with joint projects in the future that involve the input of both departments. You can use your good relationship for the benefit of the company.