A Day in the Life…

Wonder what’s it really like to work at Vargo?  Take a look at our world:

The Morning Ritual

Mornings usually start in the kitchen where the team load up on coffee ready for the day ahead.

The Team Meeting

Once a week we kick off the morning with a team meeting. Topics include priorities for the upcoming week and what we all did on the weekend.

Business Development

Whether we’re following up on business leads or having a discussion around projects. Everyone has a voice and everyone contributes to the team.

Candidate Meetings

We meet with candidates multiple times per week to help further their career development.

Take a Breather

Sometimes being productive means taking a break.

Focus Time

Our team works hard and is passionate about our specialist industry. You might find us working on market research, head hunting or another one of our exciting projects.

Client Meetings

We meet our clients multiple times per week to help understand the business and connect them with the best talent.

Happy Hour


A few times a month, after work hours, we head to the local bars to unwind, discuss our successes for the week and what we are looking forward to next.

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